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The sun is an eternal source of energy and today solar power can be an independent and reliable power source for locations with frequent power cuts, where previously people have depended on a Home Inverter/UPS or a diesel generator for power back-up. With solar power we can all enjoy the abundant energy from the sun, reduce our electricity bills and at the same time help reduce CO2 gas emissions.

OFFONN ELECTRA a leader in power backup solar solutions has developed solar power packs to meet the specic needs of residences, small ofces, retail shops, food outlets, medical clinics, community halls, hotels, educational institutions, workshops among others. Consul Solar Power Packs provides the users with their own power source for peace of mind and energy independence.

OFFONN ELECTRA also provides additional services for liaison with various Government departments for regularization of solar plants including necessary permissions, NOCs and REC accreditations as applicable.


Our solar panels are suitable for wide range of applications from individual homes to industrial roof and ground mounted systems. They are compatible with al industry standard mounting system as well as charge controllers and Inverters.

Features :
  • High fill factor for improved energy effciency
  • Enhanced reliability through the use of distinctive encapsulate and backsheet
  • Robust and rugged design ensures to withstand against high wind pressure snowload and extreme temperature variations
  • High transmission glass ensures maximum effciency of module.


Our rooftop solar systems help customers become self-sufcient in power generation, while also allowing them to feed-in excess solar power to the local electricity grid. Furthermore, these systems are designed and fabricated in-house, and installed by our trained team of technicians.

  • Most environment friendly Project.
  • A permanent shield against ever increasing power prices.
  • The cheapest source of electrical energy.
  • A project with the quick payback period.
  • No batteries required.
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs are low.
  • Payback Within 3 – 4 Years
  • Accelerated depreciation reducing capital investment cost
  • No maintenance, no pollution, no moving parts
  • Reliable & long life - more than 25 years
  • Government subsidies available


Solar rooftop systems can either connect to the grid, or they can be 'off-grid' with battery storage. The beauty of an off-grid solar system from OFFONN ELECTRA is that it provides the most reliable power possible, making you independent of power cuts, without the hassle of a diesel generator or battery inverter system. Orb's off-grid solar systems are designed and fabricated in-house, and installed by our trained team of technicians. If you would like to invest in a solar rooftop system with battery storage

  • Be an independent power producer with reliable electricity.
  • No more wastage of money on fuel during power cut-offs.
  • Source Priority controller.
  • MPPT based Charge controller technology.
  • Advanced features allow remote monitoring.
  • Minimum maintenance.
  • Payback period : 4 - 5 Years.
  • System life of 25 - 30 Years.
  • Life time savings as much as 6 - 7 times.


Under the RESCO model, the consumer can install a solar power plant and not pay anything upfront. A power purchase agreement is signed between the installer and the consumer at a mutual price (tariff). In another model, the consumer can get a solar system installed at his rooftop and also get rent for subletting the rooftop. The consumer need not pay anything and he has the choice whether or not to consume the electricity.

  • 100% Solar Project Investment by Third Party
  • Project would be installed at your site.
  • Project would be governed by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for a period of 10 / 15 / 20 years.
  • Monthly invoicing on power consumed.
  • Discount on your present power tariff.



OFFONN all in one solar street lights has a built in passive infrared motion sensor that automatically regulates the led light output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light.
This fluctuation of lighting intensity preserves battery power and also serves to increase community security by deterring unsociable activity late at night and early in the morning where these lights are installed.


The working time is critical for every solar lighting system. All in one in particular, suffer of limited space for batteries. For this reason we are using New generation lithium ion batteries which offers 3 times more storage and power capacity versus traditional lead acid batteries. Lithium battery technology offers up to 4 times more discharge capacity over lead acid types and 3 times more cycle life.built in power management capacity over lead acid types and 3 times more cycle life. This is why we can ready up to 30 hours of continuous lighting


Due to limited surface space, we use only high-efciency monocrystalline cells. Our solar panels are the best performing cells on the market and can give up to 20% more charge current with respect to traditional silicon cells. Charging time is critical for solar lightings and you deserve the best possible technology. Only in this way we can assure th proper charge of the batteries.


We have designed the solar street lights to withstand the harshest and most extreme environments. From blistering head to driving rain, hail and sub-zero temperatures.whatever the environment is, offonn electra rugged construction is up for the challenge. all the internal components, as well the connectors, offer IP65 weather protection and the external components are built with marine garde aluminum and stainless steel xings.