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The world of Led Lights is mushrooming day by day and the same was brought to its knees in the year 2013, when Offonn was established, a visionary with an aim to make Led lights a household name. Today we are leaders in, innovation, design, production and application of energy efficient Led lighting Products. The working squad holds an experience of more than 25 years which helps us to deliver the value for money products to our clients. We are a galleria of our own whereby our offerings include: LED Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Residential Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Office Lighting, Wires & Cables, Distribution Boards & Electric Accessories. Immense care is taken in producing each one them since we will to present them as direct substitutes of conventional lighting options which are far away when compared with Led lights that are environmental and pocket friendly. At Offonn, we always adhere to our core values and never compromise on quality, durability and performance that is in correspondence with clients’ requirements.

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We aspire to be the leaders of the electricals world and We want to be the leading manufacturer of innovative lighting solutions.

We will achieve this through excellence in lighting products. We will to bring out the best of the environmental savvy techcnology.

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Server our folks with the best of the lighting alternatives Create value for money products without harming nature Compute overall development of each and every entity of our business.

Creating adaptable, functional and efficient lighting product by using these unique lighting systems and becoming a global brand working for enlightening the World.

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Discipline : It is the base of our code of conduct sue to which productive work calture is maintained.

Integrity : In order to maintain the authenticity in each and every node, integrity is ingrained in one and all.

Innovate : We always strive to innovate new alternatives that could satiate different class of people